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The Viking is the official Sunlandic Newspaper (owned by the Government)

Happy New Year


From us here at The Viking we wish you all a happy new year

Today His Royal Highness King Max held his first christmas speech in the speech he was thanking everyone for the support and were wishing everyone a merry christmas

The first Sunlandic Winter Olympics were held today in Maxwia with 10 Participants Alex Emilsson won the Olympics and was awarded the 1st place gold medal by the Minister of Culture & The King.

The first Sunlandic fishing & hunting tournament was held in Sunby today with over 20 participants Robert Johansson won the tournament and was awarded the 1st place gold medal by the Crown Prince.

The first Sunlandic artwork was today created by King Max, The artwork is named Turid, Turid is an artwork made by stacked rocks according to His Royal Highness King Max, Turid was inspired by The Royal Republic of Ladonia´s artwork Arx made by Lars Vilks. Turid is a female Viking name.